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Welcome to Mek, your supplier of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) technologies for advanced PCB inspection and test and measurement.

Having introduced full 24-bit colour imaging defect detection to the electronics assembly market, we are the driving force behind important advances in desktop, island and inline AOI systems for New Product Introduction (NPI), low-volume, high-mix or high-volume manufacturing environments worldwide.

We’re also the pioneers of breakthrough 5D post-print solder paste inspection (SPI) technology. Delivering true area, shape, offset, volume and height measurement, the Mek PowerSpector SP1 system delivers the ultimate in high-accuracy defect detection and process control. It’s just one of the ways we’re helping our customers redefine process reliability and optimal print results.

Mek, also known as Marantz Electronics is renowned for its iSpector and PowerSpector platforms and its delivery of exceptional AOI and SPI technology, first-class visual inspection, advanced operator control and ultimately yield enhancement.

Mek Europe BV
Polluxstraat 2B, 5047RB Tilburg, Netherlands | Phone : +31 40 7114111

Mek Americas LLC
5550 Painted Mirage Rd. Suite 320, Las Vegas, NV 89149, USA | Phone : +1 702 818 1706

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